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Website Design Services South Africa

Website Design Services South Africa

Helewix is one of the leading website design films in South Africa serving over 4000+ clients by maintaining their website and online exposure. Because we know the important components of a well-designed website, you are guaranteed to receive excellent service and value for money. We offer affordable website designing from CMS template designs to complex websites.

Website design planning is the most important aspect when considering your companies online presence. With so many poorly planned websites on the web today, your customer experience on your website is of utmost importance. If visitors don’t feel comfortable on your website due to bad navigation or just a heavy colored website the chances are they will not be utilizing your services as it is a bad representation of a potentially good company.

Don’t lose customers just because your website is not appealing to the online user! Let us help you plan your website properly.

The value we offer you

Some of our Website Design Services include

Some of the main things to consider when planning your website are:

What is the Purpose of your website?

By knowing what the purpose of your website is, means that you know what you want to accomplish with this new venture. Which makes planning the project much easier and contribute in the website being deployed with a clear picture about all parties expectations.

Determine who your target audience is:

In this blooming technology age it is of utmost importance that your website does not only cater for visitors using Laptops and Desktops but also Tablets, phones etc. With this in mind ask yourself why you want these users to buy services from you instead of your competition. This takes us to our next point “Research”.

Do the required Research to help make your website better:

Research is vital in any organization when it comes to your website design. Without researching your competitors in the market, you will simply just have a website selling the same products and hoping that the visitors will choose you. But if you can establish what your competitors short falls are and you can incorporate it into your website to better serve potential clients you already have an edge on your competitors and are more likely to get the business when visitors needs to choose between you and your competitor.

Technical Website Design Requirements

After deciding on your targeted audience and doing the required research you will be able to easily determine the technicality you will need for the design of your website. This needs to be done on websites be it small simple websites or a very complex website.

Navigation on your website

You must always make sure that your website visitors can find what they are looking for on your website fast and effectively. There is nothing worse than landing on a beautiful website but you cannot find what you are looking for.

Bad website navigation is one of the leading reasons online users leave a website. And if your competitor’s website navigation is more user friendly than yours, you will lose 98% of your customers when they do a comparison.

Gathering Content for your website

Content on your website is one of the key elements to a good website. Without adequate content your website will never be able to feature on the top of search engines unless you go with Search Engine Advertising.

So if you don’t have a budget for monthly marketing then you have to have a lot of useful content on your website and ensure that someone like Helewix do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you to ensure that your website does get indexed properly by all leading search engines.

Choosing a Website Hosting Company

This decision should not be taken lightly especially when it comes to support, uptime and value for money. We choose Plutus Hosting because they have all the qualities below and links to their policies are provided on the bottom examples:

Your hosting company must at least offer the following just to name a few:

1. Money Back Guarantee – Should you be unhappy with the service
2. Uptime Guarantee – So you have a solid idea of the uptime you can expect
3. Support Policy – So you know exactly what to expect from your Hosting Company
4. No SPAM/UCE Policy – So you know that you will not be flooded with spam
5. And all packages should be consistent in that you get the following fundamental requirements throughout their product range:
     a. No setup Fee
     b. Unlimited Email Addresses
     c. Unlimited Databases
6. And this is optional but is very good when you appreciate nature. If they have a 0% CO2 Emission and 100% Green Electricity.

So since we did all the research for you we would recommend that you choose Plutus Hosting as your preferred hosting company.

Your website Budget is right on the top of priorities as this determine how well all the above will be applied to your website:

Thing you need to consider when planning your website budget:

1. How many of the requirements can be done in-house to save costs
2. How much work will need to go into this website
3. What is your project timeline? In other words how long before you want your fully functional website
4. You will need to include monthly maintenance on your website to help keep your website optimization current so you can remain on top of the leading search engines. This can be done by signing an SLA with Helewix
5. Monthly Marketing Budget with Helewix
     a. This will include Google Marketing Campaign
     b. Social Media Managing and Marketing Campaign

You can request a Website Design South Africa Quote online or email us on info (at)

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