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Virtualbox increase disk size

Virtualbox increase disk size


Virtualbox increase disk size

So today I will show you how to increase an existing disk on a virtual machine inside virtualbox thus the title Virtualbox increase disk size. This is a very quick and easy to follow tutorial and should not take longer then 5 minutes to complete.

For this example we will be using Ubuntu 14.04 and a Microsoft Windows 7 virtual machine.

Before we begin PS: Ensure that the virtual machine does not contain any snapshots as this would cause this process to fail. If you would like to know how to delete existing snapshots please click here to follow my tutorial titled “Delete a snapshot in Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager“.

So let me show you what you need to do in order to increase the disk size of an existing virtual box:
1. Open Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager and ensure that the machine you want to change is switched off
2. In your VM Manager right click the machine that you want to increase the size on and click settings
3. Click on Storage
4. Select the drive that you would like to increase
5. Click on Location in the right pane to highlight and copy the path
6. Open the terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+t and type the following command (remember that the size is the new size you want it to be)

VBoxManage modifyhd "the\path\to\your\hdd.vdi" --resize 102400

Your output should be as follow:

7. Now start up your virtual machine and login
8. Open Windows Explorer
9. Right click Computer and click Manage
10. Click on Disk Management
11. Right click the disk that you would like to expand and click on expand

You will notice that your drive has been increased.

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Thank you for following my tutorial. You can click here for more Ubuntu Tutorials.