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Which The Manor Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Which The Manor Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The characters in Amazon Prime’s new horror film The Manor encapsulate all different types of people. When Judith moves into the titular manor after her stroke, she becomes part of a system that doesn’t have concern for the old or people with declining health. While she is lucky that her grandson Josh visits her, she’s concerned that she’ll be forgotten. Meanwhile, in such a large house, Judith encounters a variety of different people.

Nurses at the manor, as well as the other residents, have different personality types. Some of those personalities are more forceful than others. And some are even more nefarious. There are enough types that it’s worth examining the various character in The Manor through the lens of the astrological zodiac signs.

One of the more gregarious characters in The Manor, Roland is a classic Aries. Aries signs are known for having no filter. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Roland specifically takes this attitude to another level. His charismatic energy becomes aggressive from time to time.

Roland inserts himself in Judith’s path. He makes sure she is involved in his friend group so he can take advantage of her ignorance. His energy is forthright and at times sexual, making him the quintessential Aries.

Liesel is a kind and understanding nurse at The Manor. She wants to take care of people, just like any Taurus sign would. She enjoys nature and takes Judith out on walks on the grounds. She shows this caring side even in the face of evil lurking in the house.

Judith tells Liesel that she is being accosted by a figure at night. Typical of a Taurus, Liesel is comfortable with how things are. She isn’t prepared to encounter what Judith is suggesting. But when she understands what is happening in The Manor, she proves her loyalty to Judith.

Ms. Benson is the administrator at The Manor. As such, she must be charismatic and intelligent. Geminis can play their roles well. While Ms. Benson acts unaware of the strangeness of The Manor, she knows exactly what is going on. Roland never confirms how Ms. Benson is closely related to him, but it is heavily implied that she is his granddaughter.

Ms. Benson knows that Roland and his friends are sapping the youth from other residents and aids him, using her position to do it. To do this successfully, Ms. Benson has to put up a front, something Geminis are good at.

From the first scene of The Manor, Josh proves to be sensitive. He cares for his grandmother, even more than his mother at times. Cancers are likely to take on other people’s problems. Josh is immediately concerned about Judith’s predicament. He sticks with her even though her claims sound outrageous.

Josh disengages from Judith only briefly, starting to believe that she is afflicted with dementia. But his concern for her is so strong that he investigates and never leaves her side again.

Trish has a big personality. She lights up a room, though it is not inherently evident why this is the case. Leos enjoy indulgences and the finer things in life, and Trish expands on this concept. Her room with Ruth is full of things that do not seem practical.

She also refuses to let go of her youth. Taking up where witches before her left off, Trish finds a way to never let go of her youth again. She exudes happiness and charisma because of this and is fun to be around.

Judith’s daughter Barbara is not the pinnacle of the story, but her personality is striking nonetheless. She never sides with Judith, finding relief in sending her away to The Manor after Judith’s stroke. A typical Virgo trait is always thinking they’re right. Barbara is certain that sending Judith to The Manor was the right thing, absolving her of any responsibility.

This is especially confirmed when the doctor tells Barbara that Judith is suffering bouts of dementia. Barbara doesn’t accept that her mother is lucid and has an air of judgment like many Virgos are capable of displaying.

Ruth is the one in the coven that has the least agency. She is fun-loving but goes with the flow. Libras often follow the path of least resistance and avoid conflict. The only time she speaks out is when she tries to convince Judith to join their circle to become young again.

Ruth enjoys the camaraderie of the group, even though they are ultimately killing residents that they have lived and dined with. It is easy for her to ignore since she is not alone and gets to be young.

Scorpios are complex more than anything else. Elizabeth is a nurse at The Manor who seems to have the most to hide. As soon as Judith arrives, Elizabeth makes sure to exert her authority by taking away Judith’s phone. This is disconcerting, which Scorpios have no problem with being.

Elizabeth puts up walls to stop people from getting to know what is going on. This is in part to protect Ruth’s secret at the home. She knows spells are being cast, but like many Scorpios, she is unbothered.

Annette’s story is unfortunately short-lived. She finds herself in a real-life horror movie, closely resembling the likes of The Wicker Man. But that doesn’t stop her from caring about those around her. Sagittarius signs are emotional and principled.

She is often frightened because she knows she is going to die. Even though she doesn’t know Judith well, she uses her last acts to warn her about witchcraft at The Manor.

Dr. Geoghegan uses responsibility as a defense against questions. He is smart and part of the system that The Manor uses to protect its residents who do not have the best intentions. He has fake brain scans of the patients to convince residents’ families that they are declining in health. It is not evident how far his knowledge of witches extends.

Capricorns rarely display any form of emotion. Dr. Geoghegan has no empathy or bedside manner. He delivers bad news to patients and does not feel bad about it.

Imogen’s fate is not confirmed, but it can be assumed that she did not survive the events of the film. Her main use was to be a clue for Josh to find. After he sees her fear, he realizes that Judith is right in suspecting something wrong is going on at The Manor. These striking horror elements are one reason why The Manor is a good horror movie to stream before Halloween.

Aquarians often feel as though they are outcasts. There are few things more ostracizing than the feeling of being gaslit. The residents are told that they are sick. In reality, their life is being taken from them purposefully.

Pisces signs often feel the dichotomy of age. They can feel wise but also cling to their youth. Judith states that she doesn’t feel old, though she has turned 70. Her youthful outlook is something that comes easily to her. But also like a Pisces, she is insecure.

The Manor manipulates her into thinking that there is something wrong with her health. Judith is artistic and wants to hold on to the life she has left. Her outlook on life is what leads her to accept the witches’ offer at the end of the film.

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