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Ubuntu mkpasswd how to SHA256 and SHA512


Today we will be using the terminal command mkpasswd in Ubuntu to SHA256 and SHA512 encrypt your password that can be used in IRC/XChat

I will show you how to generate a shadow compatible password using Terminal in Ubuntu with the command mkpasswd to SHA256 and SHA512 encrypt your password. Essentially it is the same command with the only difference being your 256 or 512. Obviously SHA512 would be the better encryption to use, but SHA256 is also a much better option than no encryption at all

You can either watch my video below which I suggest if you want to see the live example of how it is done and then you can refer to my code below to copy the commands and test the encryption process for yourself. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and let me know if this was helpful or if you have something else that you would like me to demonstrate. I will gladly provide you with additional tutorials for anything that you require assistance with.

So lets get into the actual work:
1. Open the terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+t
2. You will need to install whois before you can encrypt your password and you can do that by using the following command and hitting enter / return

sudo apt-get install whois

3. Now we can generate our shadow compatible password using Terminal by typing the following

mkpasswd -m sha-256 YourPassword


mkpasswd -m sha-512 YourPassword

If you would like to know how you can use this SHA256 or SHA512 encrypted password in an application such as IRC/XChat please click here to go to the tutorial.

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