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Texas school district phished for $2.3 million

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The Manor
Independent School District fell victim to an apparent phishing scam to the
tune of $2.3 million.

for the Texas school system did not release many details other than to say in a
January 10 statement posted on Facebook
that the incident was caused by a phishing email and that the local police and
FBI are currently working the case.

The Manor Police Department told CNN the scam included three separate fraudulent transactions that took place in November.

Business Email Compromise attacks are quite common and even hit the Henderson, Texas school district in September 2018. In this attack, the district issued an electronic payment of $609,615.24 to what it thought was RPR Construction Company Inc., which is overseeing work done on several district facilities, according to The Henderson News. On Oct. 1, school officials discovered the payment did not actually go to RPR, and determined they were tricked into transferring funds into a fraudulent account.

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