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Review: Resident Evil 6 – Not As Nightmarish As You Remember

Review: Resident Evil 6 - Not As Nightmarish As You Remember

Global terror on a portable scale.

Okay, here’s the thing… Resident Evil 6 isn’t that bad. Wait, hold on, just hear us out. First released back in 2012, it genuinely felt as if the once mighty survival-horror franchise had hit rock bottom. Atmospheric environments and terrifying, lethal enemies were replaced by sprawling cities, gun-toting mutants, and explosions that would make Michael Bay green with envy. Thinking this was the direction the series was heading in, many fans understandably jumped ship. But time is a funny thing; now that Capcom has steered the franchise back on course with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and a delightful remake of Resident Evil 2, we can look back on Resident Evil 6 with fresh eyes and appreciate it for what it is: an absolutely bonkers action title. Does it hold a candle to the earlier games in the series? No. But it’s also not quite the atrocity many make it out to be.

Bringing Resident Evil’s ‘action era’ to a grandiose conclusion, the sixth main entry is crammed full of recognisable characters, huge set-pieces, and perhaps the most impressively over-the-top iteration of the Mercenaries mode to date. If Resident Evil 5 dialled the action up to 11, then Resident Evil 6 rips the dial right off and shoots it with a rocket launcher. The main story mode is split into four campaigns, each of which is comprised of several meaty chapters. Co-op play is once again thrust into the limelight, and whichever campaign you choose to start with (apart from Ada’s), you can either play it with a buddy or settle for an AI partner. The good news here is that playing on your own is a much more tempting prospect than it was in Resident Evil 5. Capcom nailed how an AI partner should behave, and you’ll never feel like you need to spend time babysitting, reviving, or managing your partner’s inventory every 5 minutes in Resident Evil 6. They pretty much just look after themselves, leaving you to worry about your own backside.

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