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Minecraft Earth Early Access Available Now in the US

Minecraft Earth Early Access Available Now in the US


  • Minecraft Earth early access is available on iOS and Android mobile devices in the US now!
  • We’re also excited to unveil “Mobs in the Park,” a pop-up event hitting the streets in New York City, London and Sydney starting Nov. 16 – Dec. 1

It’s been more than two years since we
began our journey to make Minecraft Earth a reality. Following a steady
rollout in select markets around the world, today we’re thrilled to announce that
Minecraft Earth early access can be downloaded on iOS and Android in another
major market – the United States.

The initial reactions to early access
have been incredible. Players in the UK, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Mexico, New
Zealand, Philippines, Sweden and South Korea have already seen the magic of
Minecraft in augmented reality, and you can read more about what’s included in
early access here.

And remember – if Minecraft Earth
isn’t available in your country yet, it will be soon. We expect the game to be
available worldwide by the end of this year.

Separately, I’m excited to unveil “Mobs
in the Park,” a one-of-a-kind Minecraft Earth experience that’s hitting
the streets around the world. In celebration of the game’s early access
rollout, we will be bringing Minecraft Earth to life in a new way – literally,
with interactive and experiential events featuring Minecraft Earth mobs
popping up in New York City, London and Sydney starting on Saturday, Nov. 16.

Details for the events are below:

  • What: Pop-up experiences of life-sized statues that feature a customized adventure as a way for players to get their hands-on exclusive access to the all-new, amazingly festive the Jolly Llama mob in-game before it’s globally available in December
  • Where: Hudson Yards (New York City, US); The Queen’s Walk (London, UK); Campbell’s Cove (Sydney, AU)
  • When: 10am – 7pm local time; Three consecutive weekends starting Nov. 16 (Nov. 16-17, Nov. 23-24, Nov. 30-Dec. 1), plus Friday, Nov. 29 (New York City, US only)

The events are free, open to the public and make for an engaging and interactive weekend activity with friends and the entire family. Stay tuned to or @MinecraftEarth for more information.

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