Install Windows Server 2008 from usb


You can view my YouTube video to see this in practice:

What you will need:

  1. A usb memory stick that is at least 3GB in size with no data on it
  2. A Server 2008 installation disk or ISO
  3. Administrator rights on your machine ๐Ÿ™‚

STEP 1 – Prepare the USB drive

  1. 1. Open command prompt in administrator mode
  2. 1. Open command prompt with admin rights

  3. 2. Since we will use diskpart to prepare the disk. Type in diskpart and hit your enter or return key
  4. 2. Type diskpart and hit enter

  5. 3. In order to identify your usb disk type in list disk and hit enter
  6. 3. Type list disk and hit enter

  7. 4. After identifying your disk number type in select disk 2 (your disk number where I have got 2 in)
  8. 4. Type select disk 2 and hit enter

  9. 5. Next we will delete the partition which means that all data on the disk will be erased. Type clean and hit enter
  10. 5. Type clean and hit enter

  11. 6. Now we will need to create a new primary partition since we deleted it with the clean command. Type in create partition primary and hit the enter key
  12. 6. Type create partition primary and hit enter

  13. 7. Next we need to select the newly created partition by using the select partition 1 command and hitting enter
  14. 7. Type select partition 1 and hit enter

  15. 8. Activate the partition by running the active command. So type active and hit enter
  16. 8. Type active and hit enter

  17. 9. Now we willl need to format the disk using the fat32 file system. To do this simply type in format fs=fat32 and hitting enter you can use the quick switch if you want this process to go quicker by typing in format fs=fat32 quick
  18. 9. Type format fs=fat32 and hit enter

  19. 10. Now type in assign and hit enter
  20. 11. Finally type exit to exit diskpart mode

Next we will need to copy the files from your dvd or iso drive to your memory stick using the xcopy command.

In my case my DVD drive is drive e:\ and my memory stick is drive g:\

12. So type xcopy e:\*.* /s/e/f g:\ this will copy all the relevant files to disk. You can now stick your media device into your server or machine and boot from it.
10. Transfer files from dvd to usb drive xcopy

13. When the Xcopy complete your screen will look like this:

11. Transfer files from dvd to usb drive xcopy complete

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