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How to disable password prompts in Ubuntu

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Today I will cover how to disable password prompts in Ubuntu


Obviously when you disable password prompts in Ubuntu you run the risk of miscellaneous software being installed on your machine without being authenticated. And although I know that this is sometimes a real issue specially if you are busy setting up a new installed Ubuntu OS and need to install multiple application you would like to disable it so you are not constantly prompted to insert your login credentials.

If this is your reason for disabling it and you intend to enable it once you are done with your setup and configuration then I don’t see any security risk as it will just facilitate you to complete the setup much faster

If you watched my video above but would still like to copy the actual commands please have a look at my detailed tutorial below:
1. Open the terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+t
2. Now we will edit the visudo file by typing the following command and pressing enter

sudo visudo

3. Next you will need to scroll down and find the following line of code inside the visudo file

%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL

4. Edit the line and add NOPASSWD: just before the last ALL. Note that the : must also be in there or else it will not work


5. To exit visudo you will need to press Ctrl+X to exit
6. Press Y to save changes that we did to the file
7. Finally press enter / return to return to terminal
8 And we are now done. In some instances a restart is required. You can simply use the following code to restart. But before you do it. If this was helpful please consider a donation or giving me a thumbs up and rating on the STARS

sudo reboot

Thank you for following my tutorial. You can click here for more Ubuntu Tutorials.