Format USB Memory Stick or Drive in Ubuntu


Ok so let me show you how to format a usb memory stick or drive in Ubuntu in just a couple of seconds using the native ubuntu tools

This tutorial will literally take you a couple of seconds and is very easy and simple to follow. Please let me know if you run into any issues when trying to format a usb memory stick or drive on your ubuntu and I will gladly assist to help you resolve the issue.

For this example we will be using Ubuntu 14.04

The Steps

1. Open your search bar in ubuntu and type disks
2. Click on disks to open your disk manager
3. Next you have to select the disk or drive that you wish to format
4. Click on the More actions icon located at the bottom of the USB drive volumes indicator or press Ctrl+Shift+F
5. Select your desired options and give the drive a name
6. Click on Format…
7. Now confirm that you want to format the drive and click on Format again
8. You will notice that a job has started in the info section for the drive
9. Wait for it to complete and you done!

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