Empty Ubuntu Trash using Terminal or Command Line



So you want to Empty Ubuntu Trash using Terminal or Command Line?

Empty Ubuntu Trash using Terminal or Command Line. There are multiple reasons that you might want to do this and it is actually very quick and simple to accomplish it using a straight forward command within Terminal and thus should only take a couple of seconds of your time. In fact reading my blog here would take to you longer to complete. If you had a look at my video above but would like to copy the command, please follow the instructions below.

In order to ensure that your trash is always clean and you don’t use up unnecessary space on your Ubuntu machine, you can copy or memorize this simple command to reference it when ever you need it. You can also just bookmark this page by pressing ctrl+b on your keyboard

So let me show you how:
1. Open the terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+t
2. Now type the following command and press enter

rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

3. Should your trash not be emptied using the command above simply try adding sudo in front of your command to force it to run. So your command will now look like this

sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

Your trash should be clean now and you are ready to spend your time on something more constructive. Please keep in mind that you can request tutorial on any other Ubuntu commands and I will be sure to create a tutorial for you as soon as I have a minute to spare. If you experience any problems with the cleaning process please leave a comment below and I will assist you as best I could.

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