List of the top turorials that I have done by category
Go to Ubuntu for Beginners

Ubuntu for Beginners

This is a new venture that I started and want to get about 50 beginner tutorials up for everyone that would like to learn the basics of Ubuntu and other related Linux Operating systems

Go to Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange

I have published a number of tutorials on Microsoft Exchange that have helped a lot of users in resolving known problems. Not everything has been blogged yet but you can find them on my YouTube Channel

Go to Other Turorials and Free Apps

Other Turorials and Free Apps

I have completed a number of other tutorials on Active Directory, Powershell, Scripting and ever Web Development. You can view all of them by clicking the image above. Hope you enjoy them.

Go to Tech Blog

Tech Blog

I had a request to start blogging about technology, trends and anything new and exiting. From comparisons to what ever I can think of so here it is.

Constructive help

Free information for all
Providing free tutorials to help you excel

I love mentoring and helping out where I can.

As stated before my top priority is sharing constructive tutorials to help others excel.

I am always open for suggestions so if you want me to make a video or turorial that can help you and others, please get in touch and help make the internet a better place.

My current top tutorial category is "Ubuntu for beginners" which I would like to expand to about 50 tutorials. So please send me suggestions and I will do my best to accomidate you.

Have a good one and remember to have one on me! Cheers!!!


Working together to make the internet a better place

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Hendrik Wiese is a qualified Security Professional that holds both the CISSP (Certified Information Security Solutions Professional) and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certifications. He is passionate about helping others to gain knowledge and a passionate activist.

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